Ahlan! Chats with Poppy Delevingne at the World of Nobu Cocktail Party at Atlantis

Get the inside scoop on who the worst person the model has worked with and who's more competitive - her or Cara!
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 19 October 2014
Ahlan! Chats with Poppy Delevingne at the World of Nobu Cocktail Party at Atlantis
Poppy Delevingne tells all to Ahlan! at the Nobu event

Poppy Delevingne was recently in Dubai, attending a special event for the World of Nobu event with other stars Millie Mackintosh and Zara Martin.

The Brit model spilled to Ahlan! on what she's been up to aside from modeling, discusses her previous adventures in Dubai and her sisters musical talents.

Why are you in Dubai?

To celebrate tonight! Also me and my husband are calling it our Dubai honeymoon. He arrives first thing in the morning and we're staying till Wednesday. It's the first time I've ever been somewhere where I've stayed for more than 24 hours. I've even unpacked. I always just live in the case so it's good to be here!

Is this your first time in Dubai?

No, I think it's my third or fourth time. Last time I was out here, I came here for Cartier when they had a polo thing and then I came for the Grazia awards and I did a campaign out here, I shot somewhere in the desert.

As a model, who's the best person you've worked with in terms of being fun and easy?

Being shot by Karl Lagerfeld is really the best. He is so naughty, so funny. He's not a drama queen and he's got a wicked sense of humor. Just being around him oozes creative genius, you want to soak it up and be a sponge when you're around him. When I'm work with him, he gets the best out of me.

Who's the worst person you've worked with?

Ooh! I couldn't possibly say. I couldn't say a person but let me tell you there's so many of them. There's a group of us and we call ourselves the normal down-to-earth people that can just sit and wear ripped jeans, baggy t-shirts and talk about normal things. It's very rare but we'll be like 'I met so and so the other day and they're one of us!' because it's such a rarity.

What do you think of the pop stars now who are turning to models like Rita Ora?

I love it! I love Rita. I mean, why not? I feel like everybody is merging like models are turning in to DJ's or designers. Back in the day, there was very set things of what you were, you were a supermodel or an actress or this or that and now everyone's dipping toes in different things and I think that's kind of cool. People are discovering they're not just talented at one thing and they're maybe good at other things and broadening their horizons.

How competitive are you and Cara?

Cara is the most competitive human being on the planet. Outwardly, everyone would say I am when it comes down to sports or a game with monopoly but Cara has this quiet competitiveness, it's pretty incredible but she's sly. She'll pretend not to be but she's so fierce.

Growing up, did you two do sports as a kid?

Yeah we did. Obviously I was always much faster because I'm A, taller and B, older and wiser. We were brought up in Wandsworth, right on the commons so we were very outdoorsy, feral children. I always beat her and I basically taught her everything.

Do you play any instruments?

No, that really drives me mad! I cannot do anything musical. I can sing a note. From the age of four or five, Cara could just play anything. She can play the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, she sings, she writes her own stuff, she raps and she dedicates a lot of her time to it. When I come home, she's in her room doing karaoke or she's learning lyrics or she's writing music or she's recording herself. It's amazing how musically talented she is and my older sister is an incredible pianist and I got nothing! I got the height, that's all I care about!

Have you heard of any Cara's stuff?

Yeah I have. It's amazing. She's attacking this acting thing at the moment. Cara's slowly going to take over the world, you have to realize this, and she's just doing it day by day. Acting is her focus and she's doing that. Her music is very personal to her. She's got this epic soul and it's not the fun kind of poppy stuff you would expect. Her stuff is very soulful; it's the sort of stuff that makes you want to cry.

Have you got any aspirations to get in to acting yourself?

I just shot a role in this new TV show that is out in March but I'm annoyingly not allowed to say what it is. But it's out in March and it's American. But also, I'm kind of now getting excited about other things. And I've also been working with this great designer Osman Yousefzada, he makes this magazine once a year called The Collective and he got me on board this year to come and be the creative director and I was doing a lot of styling, art directing, casting and editorials which I really enjoy doing. And on top of that, I also want to write. I'm writing a treatment for a TV show idea. I'm sort of enjoying the idea of being on the other side now.

Would you ever want to be a journalist like Lois Lane?

I'd totally be a Lois Lane. My whole family were journalists – my grandfather, my aunt, my mother was at one point, they've all been in writing and magazines and publishing and all that kind of stuff. It has a little place in my heart.

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