Agnolotti with Gorgonzola and Pear

Enjoy this delicate flavour combination from Caffè Florian in DIFC
Wednesday , 05 September 2012
Agnolotti with Gorgonzola and Pear
Agnolotti with Gorgonzola and Pear

Serves 1

5 pieces ravioli
10g butter
10g vegetable stock
A touch of black pepper

500g egg yolk
500g whole egg
800g semolina flour
800g flour
10g salt
30ml water

1kg gorgonzola cheese
400g caramelised pears
6 egg yolks
110g Parmesan cheese

500g walnuts
100ml milk
400ml cream
75g breadcrumbs
150ml olive oil

1. For the ravioli dough put all the ingredients into a mixer and mix until you reach a compact texture. Then let the dough rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.
2. For the filling, cut the pears into small cubes and pan-fry with a bit of butter.
3. Put all the other ingredients into a meat grinder until a creamy consistency is formed. Then combine the creamy cheese mixture with the pears.
4. Stretch the dough; cut to the right size, fill with the freshly made filling and then close the ravioli. 
5. Gently melt the butter with the stock.
6. Cook the ravioli in boiling water for 4 minutes then gently sauté with butter.
7. To make the walnut sauce, soak the bread with the milk, chop the nuts and add all the ingredients in a blender until they reach a creamy texture. 
8. Serve the ravioli on a layer of walnut cream and finish with a touch of ground black pepper.

Top Tip
To make sure your agnolotti are closed tightly and aren’t going to open while cooking, use a pastry brush to rub the sides with a mixture of one egg yolk and a couple of tablespoons of water and then press firmly together.