Affordable Long-Term Parking Options Available near Dubai Airport

12 Jul 2016

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Long-term parking at the Dubai Airport is usually quite costly, but according to a recent report in Gulf News, cheaper options are now available nearby.

Reportedly, two of the four hotels just across the Dubai International Airport offer parking fees at a fraction of the cost of parking at airport terminals.

The fee for long-term parking at Dubai International Airport’s Terminals 1 and 2 is Dhs100 per day and Dhs240 per day at Terminal 3.

Le Meridien is offering a VIP parking service that features an underground parking for 500 cars. According to the report, non-hotel guests who wish to leave their cars at the hotel can pay Dhs250 for two weeks, Dhs350 for three weeks, and Dhs450 for four weeks. The service is available for the summer holidays until September 30.

The other option is the long-term parking offered by Premier Inn Hotel. Reportedly, long-term parking is available all-year-round for non-hotel guests at Dhs50 per day.

Availing of these would require the hotels asking for a copy of the driver’s ID, possibly leaving the car keys with the hotel and pre-booking.