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Aesthetica Clinic

29 Mar 2018
By Ahlanlive.com

Doctors Mario Russo, Georgia Vadarli, Majd Alzoughbi, Maria Khattar and Pier Mancini – a group of world-renowned surgeons looking to raise the bar for medical aesthetics in the region

  • Aesthetica Clinic was one of two stand-alone clinics established in Dubai in 2002. We were the pioneers in introducing many evidence- based medical aesthetic procedures in the region.
  • Our biggest achievement last year was hitting our 15-year milestone and the opening of the Plastic Surgery Unit with many world-renowned surgeons.
  •  What was Aesthetica built on? First and foremost ethics, whereby patients have the advantage of being given a honest evaluation. We strive very hard at ascertaining realistic expectations. Unfortunately, the current situation in this field is that people are given false promises and are actually influenced by other means with no scientific knowledge into procedures that they do not necessarily need.
  • Aesthetica Clinic is the only teaching clinic in the region. The loyalty of our clients has allowed Aesthetica to grow to where it stands today and how it stands apart from other clinics in Dubai.
  • Our clients have learned over the years that we deliver what we promise and that we can be trusted in terms of confidentiality and ethics.
  • Prevent environmental damage and restore by doing the strict minimum (as when needed) to maintain your looks and never go overboard. Less is more. Restoration is key, not changing your look.