Adrian Grenier

Adrian’s Pap Butt-Kissing

06 Oct 2010

"I always felt there isn't enough empathy for paparazzi." Puulease

WHY?All cards on the table time – there’s something about Adrian Grenierwe don’t like. Oh, well, not ‘not like’ per se, just… can’t get with. Call it the Paris Hilton connection (he’s random besties with the heirhead), or call it the fact that New York sources reported that Adrian and a group of male buddies recently rocked up to NYC club Amnesia and “put their arms around a group of women and suavely said, ‘Hey baby, this is what it’s like to be famous’. Then they laughed in the girls’ faces and walked off.”

But his latest diatribe in support of the paparazzi smells a teensy bit like ‘Hey, pleeeease take my picture, guys’.

“I always felt there isn’t enough empathy for paparazzi,” he insists. “In some cases they’re out all night, frantically dodging cars and bodyguards, risking themselves to make money.”

Risking themselves to make money? What, so they’re like army heroes now? Hush that pretty little mouth of yours, Ad.

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