Adele Trademarks Her Name

Someone like Adele? Not likely! Here's why Adele has decided to trademark her name
Thursday , 27 December 2012
Adele Trademarks Her Name

Adele has trademarked her name to ensure it cannot be used for
any unaffiliated products, according to a report.

The Someone Like
singer allegedly took the decision to protect her name and prevent it being
used to stop fans being tricked into purchasing goods they mistakenly believe
she has endorsed.

The move makes it
easier for the 24-year-old to take legal action against companies who might use
her name as a way of tempting consumers to buy products like perfume and

A source
tells Britain's The Sun, “She doesn’t want anyone exploiting her name by using
it on products which may trick punters (consumers) into thinking she’s involved
with it.”

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