Adele Thought She Was Going To Die

The superstar had a serious case of nerves before opening her world tour
ByMashal AbbasiWednesday , 02 March 2016
Adele Thought She Was Going To Die
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The singer wore a custom Burberry gown during her performance

Adele thought she was "going to die" as she opened her world tour in Belfast on February 29.

The Hello hit-maker admits she suffered crippling nerves ahead of her performance at the SSE Arena in the capital of Northern Ireland, and feared her partner Simon Konecki wouldn't make it to be with her.

Speaking to the audience, she shared: "This is my first time in an arena ever. I have actually been sh***ing myself all day, literally. I’ve had severe bowel movements. When I came up that f***ing stage in the dark, oh my God, I thought I was going to die."

"I woke up this morning sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger. My voice was so deep because I slept with the air con on. And then I had bowel movements because of tonight."

"Then Gatwick [Airport] closed and I thought my boyfriend wasn’t going to get here on time. I’ve had an Imodium so it’s going to be alright."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer also let fans into her past by showing a number of childhood photographs as she serenaded the crowd with When We Were Young.

Before launching into the song, she said: "I know I’m really private but you’ve got to understand that’s how I make music for you. So right now I’m going to let you into my past, I’m going to let you into my life."

What a sweet gesture! We hope your nerves won’t be as rattled next time around Adele.

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