Adele is Banned from Eating Pizza!

The star has been given strict orders and she's not happy about it...
ByAriel Robinson Sunday , 14 August 2016
Adele is Banned from Eating Pizza!
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Nevermind, she'll find some other foood...

Adele has tragically been told that she has to give up pizza in order to protect her voice. The 28-year-old singer was advised that indulging in the delicious dish may affect her voice and was banned from eating it.

The singer told fans at a Los Angeles show about the ban, saying “I can’t eat pizza anymore guys, how bad is that?” She explained that “the cooked tomatoes are bad for your throat and give you acid reflux. How bad is that, that I can’t eat pizza, can you get over that?”

The Hello hitmaker was still devastated as she went on to say, “I’m in America and I can’t eat pizza no more. It’s worse than Romeo and Juliet! If only Shakespeare was alive, he could right about it.”

Sadly, it looks like she'll now be giving the cheesy treat the Cold Shoulder!

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