VIDEO: Adele in disguise as an Adele impersonator

Watch the songstress' hilarious prank right here...
BySarah Hedley HymersMonday , 23 November 2015
VIDEO: Adele in disguise as an Adele impersonator
© YouTube
Actual Adele as an Adele lookalike!

It turns out Adele isn’t just a legendary singer – she’s a bit of a comedian too. She donned a prosthetic nose and chin for a TV prank orchestrated by Graham Norton, pretending to be an Adele impersonator for a group audition with other Adele lookalikes. Backstage she convinced them she was so nervous about singing that she felt ill, but when she finally took the mic the unsuspecting hopefuls, who thought they were singing for the chance to appear on a show, started to realised they were in the presence of a legend. One lady was so happy she even cried! 

See the brilliant video below!


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