Adele Goes For More Gold

Singing star set for major award
Adele Goes For More Gold

Adding to an already fantastic year, the girl with the
golden voice has been shortlisted for the 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize for album
of the year, to be announced in September.

It’s one of the music industry’s most prestigious awards,
yet almost pales into insignificance against some of her achievements. After
all, she was the first artist to have two albums and two singles in the UK Top
Five at the same time since….The Beatles; in March Someone Like You became the
first million-selling single of the decade in the UK and her album, 21, went to
No.1 on the US Billboard charts in the week of its release. Last week the album
became the first by a female artist to sell one million digital downloads (just
weeks after Eminem’s Recovery had become the first-ever to do so). It seems the
girl can do no wrong.

The only hiccup in her brilliant year has been a bout of
laryngitis that forced her to cancel 14 concerts on her sold-out North American
tour last month. Those dates have just been rescheduled, with the addition of
six new stops, for 10 dates in August and 10 in October.

All of which just goes to show that being outrageous isn’t
the only way to get noticed (think Gaga)….being outrageously talented works just as well.

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