Adele Performs At The Ziggo Dome Amsterdam

Adele Gets Nervous during Glastonbury Performance

28 Jun 2016

The singer gave us her most epic show!

While performing during UK’s famous festival Glastonbury, Adele said she was extremely nervous due to the enormous gig.  She explained she’s been going to the festival for years and she was too scared because it’s something she wanted to do all her life. And apparently the Hello singer couldn’t control her stress, at all.

While performing River Lea, the 28-year-old suddenly stopped singing and said to the crowd: “I’m gonna have to start it again. Sorry, I’m a bit out of breath.” Although this was quite odd, the audience didn’t seem to mind, and many fans applauded the singer for restarting her song like nothing happened.

Then as the show continued, Adele brought a fan onstage but the pop star accidentally burped in her face. She then explained she “had a dirty burger” before the show and that’s why she burped. (We’re laughing too!).

Adele even cursed 33 times during her headlining set. While that kind of language could get someone like 50 Cent arrested in St Kitts, the BBC only put a language warning as the live performance was aired. The diva even joked about it saying: “Do you know how rock and roll I am? Not very, but the BBC had to give a warning about my potty mouth before I went on.”

Isn’t she just amazing?!