Jennifer Aniston

Addicted to bad men!

06 Oct 2010

The dangerous hook-ups ruining Jen’s career...

Jennifer Aniston’s girl-next-door image is in tatters over claims by her recent ex, Cougar Town star Josh Hopkins, that the 41-year-old has an insatiable sexual appetite and that she’s hooked on dangerous men.

“Josh has a really big mouth, and is telling everyone everywhere how much Jen wanted him. He also keeps boasting to his buddies that she loved to do it in the car, claiming she said it made her feel like she was still in high school,” said a source. Adding, “According to Josh, Jen got off on the danger… and she gets off on her own body.”

‘Men Use Her’
But, while Jen – who was recently linked to married actor Chris Gartin and Lindsay Lohan’s ex Harry Morton, and who counts Gerard Butler and John Mayer among her exes – thought the fling could develop into something more, Josh was said to have used Jen for sex and dumped the actress when he got bored. “Before long, Jen wanted a relationship, but Josh is a player and is into meeting younger girls,” spilled an insider “He calls Jen his ‘sport f**k’. They were nothing more than friends with benefits.”

And while Josh is reportedly using his hooks-ups with Jen “like an item on his resume” friends of the actress have revealed that they fear Jen’s destructive dating pattern is destroying her ‘American sweetheart’ image and jeopardising her career.

Good Girl Gone Bad
“Five years after her split from Brad, Jen is known as the lonely girl who wants a family,” said an insider, “When asked in interviews, she always gives the same answer and says she’s still holding out for true love. But her mantra is wearing thin.”

And according to friends of the actress, Jen is terrified her wholesome image would be destroyed if her fans learned the truth about her bad
boy addiction.

“She thinks that whole ‘America’s sweetheart’ thing will go away if she comes clean,” said a friend of the star.

‘A**Holes Are Her Type’
With Josh reportedly bragging to pals how “he’d just reel off some standard, premeditated one-liners” to get her into bed, Jen’s been left to deal with yet another heartbreak – and friends of say it’s an all too familiar pattern.

“No woman ever like thinking of themselves being attracted to a**es,” said a pal, “But frankly, you have to have a lot of confidence to ask out Jennifer Aniston, and guys with that much confidence tend to be full of themselves!”

The insider added, “Chris Gartin, Harry Morton, like John Mayer, share alarming character traits: boyish, cocky, and commitment-phobic. Her type? Really good-looking a-holes. Jen can’t help herself.”

And warn friends, unless the actress changes her destructive dating habits, she’ll ruin her career and wind up alone. “The reality is that I can’t see her settling down and starting a family with any of these guys,” said a pal.

The nice guys Jen shunned!
Bradley Cooper
Jen had a chance to settle down with Bradley, before he fell for Renee Zellweger.

Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake was said to be besotted with his The Good Girl co-star, but Jen put him in the
friend zone.

Kevin Connelly
Jen’s bestie Courteney Cox set her up with the Entourage star, but Jen complained there was no chemistry.