Abu Dhabi's US$3.4 MILLION Robocop Police Car

Abu Dhabi's US$3.4 MILLION Robocop Police Car

09 Jul 2015

The supercar appeared on screen in Fast and Furious 7

Abu Dhabi Police recently unveiled its latest patrol car that is capable of reading number plates and is able to scan drivers’ faces at high speed thanks to its innovative features. It is worth US$3.4 million, which is approximately worth Dhs13.2 million.

The supercar that appeared on screen in Fast & Furious 7, joins the Chevrolet Camaro and Nissan GT-R in Abu Dhabi's fleet of police cars.

Ekin Technology has fitted out the new Lykan Hypersport vehicle with the latest ‘Robocop-style’ hi-tech surveillance system. Known to be the third most expensive car in the world, it has now become one of the world's smartest cars.

It can transmit GPS coordinates to police or traffic control centre, communicate with fixed enforcement units, while also providing ‘black list’ functions for wanted vehicles through the police network.

W Motors delivered the special edition vehicle to Abu Dhabi Police last month for testing purposes. With a top speed of 240 mph (400kph), the vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds using its twin turbo, flat-six, 3.8 litre Porsche engine with 770 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque.