Abu Dhabi Roads to be Monitored by New Advanced Radars

Flash-free cameras will be installed at 36 major intersections
ByFarah NadaSunday , 13 July 2014
Abu Dhabi Roads to be Monitored by New Advanced Radars
A total of 36 major intersections will be monitored by advanced radars

Abu Dhabi motorists, beware! The Abu Dhabi police have announced that a total of 36 intersections in Abu Dhabi will be monitored by advance radars staring 15 July.

The radars, with 108 flash-free cameras, are able to detect multiple violations, including speeding, running a red light and accelerating when the traffic light turns yellow.

According to Brigadier Hussain Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols at the Abu Dhabi Police, the radars’ aim is to reduce traffic violations, injuries and fatalities.

He added that the most common violations in Abu Dhabi are speeding, overtaking, sudden swerving, running red lights and parking on pedestrian crossings. Speeding alone amounts to 79 per cent of all traffic violations, while running red lights can prove fatal – six people died and others were severely injured between January and June of 2013 in a total of 65 accidents where drivers ran a red light.

The new radars will record license plate numbers, monitor average speeds on both carriageways and provide police with three-dimensional monitoring.

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