Abu Dhabi: MERS Patients Given All-Clear

Two people who became ill in the UAE have recovered from the potentially fatal virus
ByLauren SteadmanSunday , 17 August 2014
Abu Dhabi: MERS Patients Given All-Clear
MERS coronavirus has become a serious health issue in the Middle East

Two people who caught the MERS coronavirus earlier this year have recovered, says the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

Both patients were given the all-clear last month after getting better and have since been discharged from hospital.

One of the patients, a 67-year-old man, was first admitted to hospital for treatment on 17 June. By 2 July his condition had worsened dramatically and he was moved into intensive care. Several days later he tested positive for the virus.

The elderly man had visited his camel farm, in eastern Saudi Arabia, three months before falling ill, HAAD said. During this time he'd had direct contact with the animals.

The authority also reported that the man had visited a camel farm in Abu Dhabi two weeks before being admitted to hospital, although he hadn't touched any of the creatures there, not had he come into contact with any people who'd previously been found to have MERS.

The second case involved a 50-year-old Abu Dhabi resident who'd also been in direct contact with camels. The patient was tested on 3 July for the virus, although he didn't show any symptoms until several days later, when he developed a severe cough. He tested positive for MERS the following day.

As in the first case, it was confirmed he hadn't had contact with anyone else who'd tested positive.

HAAD is continuing to monitor the health of everyone who had contact with the patients.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the current situation does not pose a threat to public health, require any travel restrictions anywhere in the world nor require examination procedures at border crossings.

The Ministry of Health and HAAD confirmed that all responsible government bodies in the UAE continued to monitor the situation.

At the beginning of the month, Saudi Arabia reported 10 confirmed new cases of the virus during Ramadan and Eid, bringing the total number of people with positive diagnoses in the Kingdom since MERS was identified in 2012 to 721, 298 of whom died.

Globally, 837 confirmed cases of infection with MERS, including at least 291 related deaths, have been reported to the WHO.


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