Abu Dhabi Marina Bay Caught on Fire

Eight boats were set ablaze on Monday morning
ByAriel Robinson Tuesday , 08 March 2016
Abu Dhabi Marina Bay Caught on Fire
Abu Dhabi marina bay fire

On Monday morning, eight boats at the Marina bay in Abu Dhabi caught on fire. It was reported that the fire broke out in two boats before spreading, at 3am. Fortunately, no casualties or injuries were reported.

Firefighters managed to stop the blaze before it could spread to the 211 neighbouring boats.

Director-general of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi said “As soon as the fire was reported, we moved to the scene. With the help of all nine teams, the fire was extinguished.”

Major General Jassem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, the general commander of Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior, called on yacht owners to abide by public safety rules to avoid such incidents.

The cause of fire is still under investigation.


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