It's Official! Abu Dhabi Is The Safest City In The World

The city has topped the list of safest cities for two years in a row…
ByPallavi Melwani Thursday , 20 September 2018
It's Official! Abu Dhabi Is The Safest City In The World

Numbeo, a website that curates and collates user-contributed data, has given Abu Dhabi the prestigious title of Safest City In The World.

The website collates crime statistics on the world's major cities.

The index ranked 338 cities and estimates the overall safety levels in any given city or a country.

It also measures the cost of living, pollution, the cost of travel and quality of life.

Abu Dhabi's crime index this year stood at 13.63, which is even better than last year’s crime index of 14.41.

“Safety is paramount when choosing a city to visit or live and work in and we are proud to be the top of the list for the second year running," said Saif Saeed Ghobash, undersecretary at the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi.

"Our capital’s strong reputation for safety and a virtually crime-free society is a testament to the ongoing efforts to establish the Emirate as a destination of distinction with international standards of safety. And we hope that adds to all visitors and residents of Abu Dhabi enjoying their time and making the most of our renowned Emirati hospitality.”

Another city in the UAE that made it to the list is Dubai, standing at number 11.

Dubai’s crime index last year was 19.50, and this year it reduced to 19.03.

The remaining nine safest cities are Doha, Basel, Singapore, Quebec City, Osaka, Tokyo, Bern, Munich and Zurich, in that particular order.

The most dangerous cities are San Pedro Sula in Honduras and Caracas in Venezuela. Gun violence, substance abuse dealing and kidnappings are prevalent in these cities.

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