Abu Dhabi is home to world's largest population of humpback dolphins

Abu Dhabi is home to world's largest population of humpback dolphins

18 Sep 2017

Have you seen them?

Time to go dolphin-watching in Abu Dhabi!

According to a survey conducted by The Environment Agency (EAD), an estimated 701 Indian Ocean humpback dolphins inhabit Abu Dhabi's coastal waters. This is the largest reported population of this species in the world!

Other areas with high populations of humpback dolphins are:

  • South Africa: 466 dolphins
  • Mozambique: 105 dolphins
  • Kenya: 104 dolphins
  • Tanzania: 63 dolphins
Abu Dhabi's waters are also home to an estimated 1,834 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, that's a whole lot of dolphins!
"As very little was known about the ecology and conservation status of dolphin species in Abu Dhabi waters, EAD started a dolphin survey in 2014. This has provided population size estimates and information on the main threats, which is required as a basis for the assessment, monitoring and conservation of these charismatic species," said Razan Khalifa Al Mubarak, EAD secretary-general, reports Khaleej Times.
A total of 64 days have been spent  and 5,592 kilometres have been covered to assess dolphin populations in Abu Dhabi's waters.

Edwin Grandcourt, manager, marine assessment and conservation section, EAD, told Khaleej Times, "The survey is crucial as the research findings will be put into a conservative management plan that will help us formulate policies and guidelines for dolphin conservation in Abu Dhabi."

We hope we spot them sometime too!