About a Gel

Essie Launches Gel Nail Varnish in Extensive Colour Range
ByLindsay JudgeMonday , 25 August 2014
About a Gel
Tahiti Sea Essie Gel Colour

Essie has unveiled a range of gel polish and after rave reviews it’s already tipped to rival nail competitors Shellac and Gelish, which have had their own gels for years. But why is the Essie gel collection different? Its main selling point has to be the colours. Essie Gel comes in many shades ranging from greens to pinks to blues. Our fave ones are Fashion Crow, a pastel turquoise, and Chilli Pepper, a bright orangey red. INFO: Available at NBar, Dhs140 for a manicure, Dhs150 for a pedicure, www.nbaruae.com

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