A woman died in Dubai following horrific assault

A woman died in Dubai following horrific assault

05 Aug 2015

This story made us really sad today...

Four men locked up an Asian woman in a Dubai apartment for days and took turns to rape her. To escape her plight, the woman threw herself off from the third floor of a building on Nayef Street in Dubai. She was reported to have died from severe head bleeding and multiple fractures. The watchman of the building, instead of reporting the incident to the police, carried the body back to the apartment and waited for the rapists to flee to Oman before reporting the incident to the police.

The Dubai Police found the statements given by the watchman to be suspicious and eventually managed to break down the mystery of the woman’s death. They arrested the four men as they were crossing into Oman and also took the watchman into custody for aiding the crime.

According to reports by Emirates 24/7, Khalil Al Mansouri, the Assistant Commander in Chief, said that on being pressured during the interrogation, the watchman confessed and revealed the details of the crime. He told the officers that the four men had asked him for help after the woman had jumped.

On further investigation, authorities found that the main culprit had been staying in the UAE illegally and knew the woman, before he started to assault her.