A university in Dubai is offering courses for a gaming degree

That’s right, GAMING!
ByDwayne D'SouzaWednesday , 07 August 2019
A university in Dubai is offering courses for a gaming degree

University of Wollongong, Dubai will be starting courses for a gaming degree, and it's starting this year.

The course will run for four years, will teach students about videogame development and digital animation, and will be launched in September.

The course is not limited to just gaming. Students will also learn about graphic design, journalism, social media, mobile applications, visual communications and game design.

Suzy Pallet, the vice president of Informa, which organized the Middle East Games Con in Abu Dhabi in October, told The National that the rate of growth in the gaming industry is 26 percent each year, compared to 3 percent in regions such as Europe and USA the Middle East was an “untapped opportunity.”

The gaming industry is growing rapidly in the Middle East, a 5.9 percent increase per year to 4.8 million players. University of Wollongong aims to train student to tap into this growing market with this new course.

Students can receive their degrees from University of Wollongong, Dubai or University of Wollongong, Australia and the degree is accredited by the Ministry of Education.

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