A new robot operated café is coming to town

A new robot operated café is coming to town

31 Jul 2019

BEEP BORP ZEEP The future is now

The future is here. 

Dubai is getting a brand new café unlike any other, with ROBOTS running the show. Yes, you read that right. The robots you were so scared of stealing your jobs are doing just that. Still pretty cool though.                                                                      

Set to open in August, the aptly called RoboCafe is being called “the first of its kind” won’t have any human workers instead the entire café will be run by robots. Before you get too carried away and start imagining human-like robots moving around taking orders, the coffee shop will be operated by three robot arms that will use the latest artificial intelligence and robotics will take your orders and serve you all while performing customised light and music shows.

Talk about an entertaining server…

Here’s a small sneak peek at how these bad boys will look like:

Located in Dubai Festival City Mall, RoboCafe is opening in August and will serve organic coffees, mocktails and snacks.

All we want is for them to get our names on the cups right.