A little nursery with big possibilities

A little nursery with big possibilities

27 Jul 2015

Check out this fabulous new nursery from Stokke Home

Here's one for the new mums out there. To fit into the interior and lifestyle of today´s modern parents, check out Stokke Home, a modular nursery line that combines quality, functionality and Scandinavian design. Each piece in the collection offers unique flexibility and sustainability with all that you need to create the ideal nursery for your space and aesthetic. Choose those pieces that work for you and your baby, and then use them in new ways as your child grows. 

They company’s philosophy is simple - they do what is in the best interest of the child and use the finest quality materials to create furniture that is beautiful and durable. And we love it! 

Acording to designer Robert Myrene: “A home is a place to be yourself, to be together with your family, to relax, play and to feel safe. There is simply no place like home. Our inspiration or the new nursery line came from this incomparable feeling we have when being in our own home. We wanted to incorporate these positive associations in the design, and began by focusing on the global icon symbolizing ‘Home’ – the shape of a house. The house shape is extra exemplified by the centerpiece of the collection; the Bed. We were also inspired by how children play by building huts or forts. The sheltering small space makes them feel secure and independent while having a private, secret place to explore.  We wanted the products to grow with your child, while transcending any trend and any period of time,” he added.

For more info on the product, check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/StokkeBaby