How to Get the Perfect Tan: We Find Out from A-List Tanning Expert Visiting Doha

London tan guru James Harknett's clients include One Direction
ByDawn GibsonMonday , 10 February 2014
How to Get the Perfect Tan: We Find Out from A-List Tanning Expert Visiting Doha
James Harknett

He’s given a lovely glow to the boys from One Direction, Christine Bleakley and oodles of models at London Fashion Week. London-based tanning expert James Harknett is in Doha from 10 to 13 February to pass on his top tips to the team at W Doha’s Bliss Spa, so we thought we’d have a chat about getting the perfect tan…

Will you be seeing clients during your visit or will it be all about training the Bliss team?
I am in Doha to launch spray tanning at Bliss Spa. During that time, I will be training some of the therapists to tan and contour. My unique layering method makes the experience much more comfortable, and allows me to contour the tan using my airbrush spray gun.

We’ve heard you’re going to introduce the Divine Doha Tan! What does it look like?
The beautiful and exotic climate inspired me to go for a darker look with added shimmer for shoulders, arms and decollete. A bold yet natural looking dark hue!

What does the perfect fake tan look like?
A colour that resembles the natural tan from a warm summer climate. Everyone’s skin is unique and tans differently. The range I use, Sienna X, has several different strengths, which enables me to choose the perfect blend for the individuals’ skin tone.  

Which celebrity has a perfect tan?
Jennifer Aniston has the perfect Californian glow.  

And the worst?
Lindsay Lohan. She seems to miss areas all the time.

INFO: Bliss Spa will start offering tanning from 10 February at QR300 for a full body tan. W Doha, 4453 5555,