A Dubai Restaurant is Offering Free Lunch to Jobseekers!

18 Jan 2017

Find out more about this great initiative here

Jobseekers in Dubai, who are having a tough time making ends meet can drop by Nom Nom Asia Restaurant in Karama and Al Barsha to get a combo lunch for free!

A signboard outside the restaurant says that the meal is free but jobseekers who don’t want charity and wish to pay once they’re able, can do so.

The restaurant in Al Barsha has been offering free meals for the past year while the Karama branch has been doing it since it opened in June.

Sanjay Mohan, the business partner of the restaurant was quoted saying, “These things are done from our heart. They are not meant for telling people and getting any mileage out of it. The sheer joy of being human can be enjoyed by giving, this is my belief.

“I cannot start a job centre, of course, but having a restaurant, at least I can give free food to these people.” What an incredible gesture indeed!