A Burj Khalifa-Themed Water Bottle to Launch in Dubai

Drink from the world's most expensive carafe!
ByLucile HelwaniWednesday , 22 June 2016
A Burj Khalifa-Themed Water Bottle to Launch in Dubai
Take A Sip: A Burj Khalifa-shaped water bottle is coming soon

Danish inventor Tayseer Hadi has come up with the idea of a line of luxury Burj Khalifa-shaped water bottles ahead of Dubai’s Expo 2020.

Made of K9 crystal, it will include LED lights in its removable base to give the water inside a blue glow. The bottle will cost Dhs700.

The inventor told Khaleej Times: “When I first came to Dubai, I was sitting in a restaurant wondering why everyone was drinking Voss and Evian water.” He then added: “It suddenly hit me that I should make a water bottle in the shape of the Burj Khalifa.”

Due to its unique form, it took three years for Hadi to find a manufacturer willing to turn his incredible vision into a reality. He’s now planning to launch Burj Khalifa Water at a charity event, where he’ll auction one platinum, one diamond and three gold versions of the bottle.

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