JUST IN: A 10-year old girl drowned in a hot tub in Dubai

JUST IN: A 10-year old girl drowned in a hot tub in Dubai

15 Oct 2019

Her hair got caught in the filter

A 10-year old European girl drowned in her family's hot tub in Dubai after her hair got caught in the tube and got trapped under the surface.

Colonel Ahmad Humaid Al Marri, director of Crime Scene Investigation Centre at the General Department of Forensics and Criminology at Dubai Police has said, 

“The young girl had asked for her father’s permission to use the hot tub, However, after sometime her father noticed her absence and rushed to the tub to find his daughter motionless and pinned at the bottom of the hot tub.”

Colonel Al Marri clarified that the hot tub has been sent to the Forensic Science Lab for further investigation, where several technical issues had been found. 

Unfortunately, the suction power across the hot tub's tubing holes was inconsistent. The tubing drains also caused some powerful swirls to affect the flow of the water, making it easy to suck the hair. 

Keep an eye out for your children when they are in the bathtub, in the pool or anywhere near water.