95 percent of Dubai residents feel safe in the city

A survey has revealed the positive results
ByMashal AbbasiMonday , 04 September 2017
95 percent of Dubai residents feel safe in the city
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Dubai Police, serving with a smile!

A survey carried out by Dubai Police's public opinion service centre has revealed that more than 95 percent of residents trust Dubai Police and feel safe in the city.

The survey showed that 97.8 per cent of residents have faith in the city's justice system, reports Khaleej Times.

Maj-Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for criminal investigation affairs, said the study saw respondants from Asian, Arab and other foreign nationalities.

Accoring to the Maj-Gen, the results reflect the police's role in securing the city and protecting the rights of people and institutions. The judiciary, too, has done its part by deciding on cases swiftly and fairly, ensuring that all aspects of lawmaking in the city are dealt with in due time and justice.

Despite the existence of over 200 nationalities in the city, harmony has always been maintained. "The Dubai Police patrols are always deployed in different areas to maintain security and reduce the occurrence of crime; to quickly arrest and bring perpetrators to justice; to assist victims to regain their rights; and to protect public property and lives," said Al Mansouri.

We definitely agree with the survey results, don't you?

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