9 year old allegedly molested at The Dubai Mall

The horrible incident happened at the aquarium
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 19 October 2015
9 year old allegedly molested at The Dubai Mall
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The aquarium at The Dubai Mall

A 44-year old Pakistani man has been accused of groping a nine-year old girl while she queued with her mother at The Dubai Mall’s aquarium ticket stand, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Dubai Court of First Instance was told that the driver allegedly took advantage of the busy crowd on 7 August to stand behind the young girl and rub his body against her. Dubai Police were called to the scene and arrested the man.

“He told me in the police station that he saw the girl with an older woman near the queue for the aquarium tickets and he molested her,” the arresting officer testified. “He stood behind her and pressed his body against her for a while”. He also claimed the accused confessed to the crime during questioning: “He admitted that he enjoyed doing that.”

Police supplied the court with a CCTV recording that showed the accused standing behind the young girl and rubbing his body against her’s. Despite the footage and police testimony, the accused denied the incident in court. He faces six months in jail and deportation if found guilty.

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