booklovers at a bookstore

7 things all book lovers do at a bookstore

24 Aug 2019

L is for life, and what is life, without books?

Every booklover's obsession with books is almost weird for anyone who does not relate.

Here are 7 things every book lover does at a bookstore, while constantly hoping that no one notices.

1. Pick up random books and discreetly sniff them.

Every bibliophile is guilty of sniffing books. We can even break into arguments trying to decide whether old books or paperbacks smell better. We like to think that we kinda get a little high on the smell of books.

2. Weirdly caress and stroke books that they’ve already read.

Once you read a book, you have a permanent connection with it. Seeing the same book in the bookstore makes you feel extremely happy and smart. It gives you a sense of superiority for irrational reasons. Of course, you need to touch it again so that it doesn’t forget that connection!

3. Sit in the bookstore and read for hours at end.

What do you do when you want to go out but no where to go in particular? Read in a bookstore, of course. It’s just another version of a library! In fact, unlike libraries, you can even permanently buy a book that you really like.

4. Walk into the bookstore even if they don’t have time.

Running late to get somewhere but you see a bookstore on the way? Of course, you just NEED to stop and have a look! What if some great books are on sale? What if the bookstore has some wonderful offers going on? Plus, one little sniff couldn’t hurt!

5. Judge people by which books they’re holding or reading.

Amongst the many thoughts that go through your head when you’re in the bookstore involve those when you see others holding books that you know.
Some of those thoughts include, ‘OMG is she reading my favourite book? Ooh she’s going to love it. She better love it!’ and ‘Wait… is she seriously reading that? Girl, you need to rethink your life choices.

6. “I will not buy anything this time”
*walks out with multiple books*

No matter how rationally you try to think, you cannot walk out of a bookstore without buying anything. Even though you have a number of unread books at home, even though your bank balance isn’t doing great, you just need every book to ever exist on your bookshelves.

7. Internally die a little looking at all the books that they still need to read.

Although you spent quite a little while looking at the books you’ve already read and felt super proud and happy about it, you can’t believe the number of books you still haven’t read. There are so many that you add to your to-read list with every trip to the bookstore. And your to-read list always grows much faster than your read list.