6 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy

Health experts reveal their top tips for keep kids in shape...
6 Ways to Keep Kids Healthy
Stay active for your kids

Ditch The Juice

“Parents seem to think fruit juices are healthy, but they’re not. They are filled with sugar – even the ones that state there is no sugar added – which wreaks havoc on their health and teeth. If you give them water from when they are babies you’ll find on most occasions that water will be their first choice. My 10-year-old daughter still doesn’t have a filling in her teeth which I put down to the fact that she drinks mainly water.” Catherine Hanson Farid, personal trainer

Get Messy

“I advocate CrossFit Kids programmes and paleo nutrition: Kids should run, climb, push, pull, jump, roll – all while fuelled with whole nutrition food. Processed food and a sedentary lifestyle build unhealthy habits and dependencies. Kids should explore, climb trees, scrape knees and learn by doing!” Candice Howe, CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach, Fittest woman in Asia!

Give Them Chores

“Dubai is quite a pampered place to grow up in so keep children active by getting them to help with the everyday chores in the house: Take out the trash, empty the dishwasher and walk the dog. Further tips include, changing the electrical scooter to a normal bicycle with pedals and swap ice creams for fruit smoothies and French fries for baked potatoes.” Louise Kjær, Studio Fitness

Sweets Without The Sugar

“If you find it difficult to get the kids to eat their five a day, buy small seedless grapes, wash them and freeze them. You can serve it as a deliciously refreshing afternoon snack with loads of nutrients. The kids love their candy-like feel and will be sure to finish the serving.” Amy Saunders, Urban Energy

Swap The Rug For A Fit Ball

“If you are worried about your kids’ posture and can’t get them away from their video games, enforce a rule of sitting on a fit ball every time they play a video game. It will promote great muscle tone in their back and prevent future back problems.” Marie Becker, Urban Energy

Have Fun

“We play together as a family, we dance, jump and run around, kick a football to each other, mess about on the beach... That way my girls enjoy being active, while I know they’re learning important coordination skills!” Claudia Charlton, personal trainer