50 Cent Ends Custody Row

23 Oct 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Rapper calls a truce with battling ex

Rap superstar 50 CENT has ended his long and bitter battle with ex-girlfriend SHANIQUA TOMPKINS after reaching a custody agreement over their 11-year-old son MARQUISE.

The star, real name Curtis Jackson, will now spend one weekend a month with Marquise, plus one month each summer; half of his spring and winter school vacations and alternate US national holidays.

In a statement 50 Cent reveals he is "happy it's actually done with".

Tompkins insists she wants her son to have "a positive relationship with his dad".

The pair's long battle over Marquise intensified in May when Tompkins'

New York home was destroyed by a fire.

Tompkins and Marquise were inside the building, which 50 Cent had paid for, when the blaze took place. She claimed the rap star was responsible for starting the fire - a charge he has denied.

The former couple is due to meet in court in January to settle a lawsuit over the house.