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50 Cent Admits First Pitch Baseball "Just Slipped"

01 Jun 2014

Rapper insists the mishap was not an attempt to further his Animal Ambition

After a week of unrelenting ridicule and accusations that he purposely used the prestigous, ceremonial first pitch at the New York Mets baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tues 27 May as a publicity stunt for his new album Animal Ambition, Rapper 50 Cent has admitted there is a much simpler explanation for his dismal performance. The ball just "slipped" from his hand.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, took the mound at Citi Field at the start of the Mets' home game, but his off-course throw was labelled "terrible" and "one of the worst first pitches of all time" by multiple sports commentators.

He laughed off the incident by joking after the game, "50 Cent is the best. Curtis Jackson, I don't know what's the matter with him!" and writing on Instagram.com, "I'm a hustler not a ball player. LMAO."

However, the media furore refused to die down so 50 tried to settle the matter on Friday when quizzed about the embarrassing mishap during an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, insisting "It slipped! It slipped out of my hand. I'm not a professional pitcher, I make music."

He then laughed that the throw had been so bad, he was even taken to ask by an officer about it. "I actually got pulled over by New York City police. He pulled me over and I said, 'I got my licence, right?', because I was a little nervous when he pulled me over. I was, like, 'Oh no, what did I do?' and then he said, 'You know that pitch was terrible?'"

50 Cent's bad week continued during his GMA appearance in Central Park after technical difficulties blighted the start of his performance. The rapper hit the stage for a rendition of his new song Smoke, but a faulty microphone caused him trouble for the first few seconds of the set. However, the sound issue was quickly resolved and the 38 year old Candy Shop hit-maker went to perform his hits In Da Club, Just A Lil Bit and Big Rich Town.