5 tips to find confidence in your career

5 tips to find confidence in your career

11 Dec 2017

Expert Lisa Phillips gives us insights on building confidence at work

It really doesn’t matter what or where your workplace is, you will always take yourself (and your lack of confidence) with you – even if you change employers frequently. In this article, I will share with you my 5 top tips for you to find confidence in your career.

Each and every one of us give off unconscious ‘Vibes’. Therefore, if you don’t believe in yourself or your ability to have a confident career, people will pick up on this around you. For me, feeling confident at work is far more important than your qualifications. Research shows that those who appear more confident at work not only receive more respect from their employers, but are more likely to be offered the best career opportunities. So this brings us to the next question. 

What is career confidence?

The biggest difference between confident employees and those who lack confidence in their career comes down to our own personal self talk and how we react to situations around us. This includes how we react to criticism, our resilience, our ability to soothe and encourage ourselves when taking on new tasks and the belief that we have something to offer our employer. Our level of confidence will also affect the decisions we make throughout the day and in our career in general. 

Now, without further delay I give you...

Five tips to find confidence in your career

Praise yourself daily. When was the last time you finished work and congratulated yourself on a job well done? Praise boosts your inner confidence muscle and criticism pulls it down. Don’t be afraid to praise yourself internally and also, it’s perfectly fine to point out to your boss when you have accomplished something for the organization. Self-acknowledgement will build up your confidence muscle. Don’t wait for your boss to praise you – praise yourself!

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Are you enjoying your work? Are there parts of your job that you would like to do more or less of? Do you need to organise a meeting with your manager to discuss? If you are feeling disempowered or resentful at work – don’t just complain about it – have that all important courageous conversation.

Be ok with where you are in your career. Often our negative feelings or stress about our career  all comes down to not being happy with where we are in our career and wishing we were somewhere different. Be ok with where you are and have a positive expectation that your career will progress well.

Focus on what you can do – not what you can’t do. You were employed because your manager thought you were valuable so own it! Write a list of your accomplishments in the past year and share it with your manager at your annual review.

If your career doesn’t feel good to you or satisfy you, it may be time to look for a new position that will align with your values, passions and strengths. Interestingly enough, I never felt confident in my past career as an accountant, but when I moved into being a Life and Confidence Coach, my confidence increased dramatically. This was purely because I had found a job that matched my own personal values and preferences!