5 Reasons to Visit Mandara Spa

Are your shoulders squashed up nicely against your ears? Then book up and bliss out at the Monarch's Mandara Spa
Tuesday , 18 October 2011

Along with sunshine and sand, there is one
thing that Dubai
is certainly not short of and that is spas. Whether you want to feel relaxed,
energized, pummeled or invigorated there are endless options for entering a dark
space where there’s plinky-plonky music playing, a waft of lavender in the air,
and you can really get away from it all for a few hours. But with so many
options to choose from, how do you know which havens of tranquility are worthy
of your dirham’s? Well, you can take it from us that the Mandara Spa at The
Monarch hotel is one such spa that will be money well spent. Here are 5 reasons

1. It’s
perfectly proportioned

The last thing you need when going to a spa
is the need for a map to help navigate you around its endless corridors, quirky
side panels and hidden ‘chill out zones’. You don’t want to get stressed out
when simply trying to get from your changing room to your massage bed because the
layout is so darn confusing. But that’s not going to happen at Mandara. It’s small,
but not so teeny that you feel suffocated. You know where the Jacuzzi is – it’s
next door to the sauna and the steam room with the relaxation room on the side.
You pass through it when you head to your treatment room. No fuss, no bother,
no need for SatNav – just serenity.

It’s not showing off…

Dubai is bling. It’s ostentatious, brash and confident. And while that is
why we love it, sometimes we’d like a slice of subtle, too. The Mandara Spa is
pure simplicity. The décor is all whites, creams and earthy colours which
automatically put you at ease. It’s not trying to be flashy or cool and it’s
not trying to be something it’s not – it’s understated, sophisticated and feels
grown-up rather than garish. Sometimes less is more.

3. ...and
you don’t have to either

This is not the type of luxurious urban
retreat where you have to put on your best bib ‘n’ tucker to go to. This is not
the type of spa where everyone looks like they’ve just stepped out of a salon
and oh-my-god-when-did-that-woman-last-have-a-pedicure? The staff are so welcoming
and friendly that the moment you enter, you can take your sunglasses off, let
those shoulders slip back down and stop holding your stomach in. Hallelujah for

4. Out
of this world treatments

From Face Rituals to Fancy Footwork
reflexology to the signature Balinese massage, there’s something at Mandara for
all your wind-down needs. I opted for the anti-ageing Elemis Visible Brilliance
facial which was 90 minutes of utter strokey pleasure including a cleansing
Aroma Reflex Foot Ritual and a shoulder and arm massage. Each part, from the
exfoliation to the face mask to the application of essential oils, was carried
out with perfection, and the face massage was so expertly done that I could
literally feel my wrinkles dissolving as I lay there.   

5. Don’t
forget the toilets

They flush themselves. Always a sign of

INFO: The Mandara Spa is at The Monarch Hotel, 1 Sheikh Zayed Road. 04 501 8888, www.themonarchdubai.com.

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