5 reasons living in the UAE is pretty darn great

5 reasons living in the UAE is pretty darn great

22 Oct 2019

And it *IS* pretty awesome!

As we approach another National Day of the country we call home, and as we get a spring in our step as the weather improves, it’s nice to reflect on the reasons we came here, stayed here, and love it here.

It offers a great work-life Balance
Yas, we work hard in the UAE. The pace of hustle and bustle is unmatched except for a few places (New York, London, and Johannesburg spring readily to mind) but we are able to enjoy what the place has to offer with equal gusto.

The UAE is a great country to raise a family, with amazing neighbourhoods and communities for outdoor get together and activities. But with beaches nearby (or even an indoors ski slope!), or the desert, or lakes, the UAE offers plenty of fun activities in your downtime.

It’s not all skyscrapers…

…Or brunches… Or shopping…

Honestly, if you can remove yourself from certain aspects of expat living, using a bit of research and initiative will reveal some pretty amazing places here that do not include a shopping mall, bar, or club.

The UAE is steeped in history and culture and with a bit of motivation and a willingness to explore, you won’t be disappointed with what you find in term’s this country’s culture and heritage. There’s honestly nothing not to love.

It’s REALLY safe
As a single woman living in the UAE I value the degree of safety that the country affords me, whether I’m simply using public transport, or walking home after a night out. I like not being paranoid about my personal safety.

With a huge expat community and the threat of deportation, the crime rate in the UAE is very low, which really just frees us up to get on with living our best lives.

It’s multicultural
No, I mean it’s *really* multicultural, to the point where “Where are you from?” is a valid question to ask somebody in conversation because the UAE is truly a melting pot of cultures, languages and religions – and everybody is happy to live and let live.

Note: Asking people “But where are ORIGINALLY from?” is kind of rude. Read the room.

It's a travel hub
The UAE is fantastic if you love to travel, feeling quite central to everything with most places being a direct flight away (or possibly requiring one stop, depending on the airline and destination). But for the most part it offers incredible options for those of us who can’t seem to keep still.