5 Middle Eastern Influencers Are Sharing Their Vision For Female Empowerment

In a visionary new feminist campaign, five influencers have teamed up with Magrabi to #EmpowerYourVision
ByTeam Ahlan!Thursday , 14 June 2018
5 Middle Eastern Influencers Are Sharing Their Vision For Female Empowerment
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What is 'empowerment' to you? That is the question that Magrabi is asking, with the #EmpowerYourVision campaign.

"I strongly believe that women can be both graceful yet strong, poised yet fearless. I see women in our region having that engrained and so much more... and I salute that," says Magrabi's Chérine Magrabi, Communication and Creative Director and member of the Magrabi advisory board.

To answer that question, Magrabi has teamed up with Fatima AlMomen, Ascia, Tamara Gabbani, Mariam Yeya and Nour Arida, five of the most influential women in the Middle East. The women were chosen for their "compelling story of resilience and courage," here we find out exactly what the word 'empowerment' means to them... 

Fatima Almomen

"I always believed that we are here in this planet to complete one another’s journey in life. Through difficult and happy times. Today the concept of empowering women became much clear and focused. We all can make it" - Fatima Almomen


"For years I’ve dedicated my platform to empowering women... I feel as if we’ve forgotten that we were once a community centered around a harem mentality that hid women for centuries from the male gaze (or any for that matter). Social media brought change & whether you agree with a woman’s lifestyle or not is no longer up for debate: we live, we rise, we empower." - Ascia

Tamara Gabbani

"An empowered woman is a woman with choices and the freedom to make those choices for herself... But that takes strength, that takes courage. It seems easier said than done, but every tiny step is a step closer to a life you envision. And sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we envision, but even better." - Tamara Gabbani

Mariam Yeya

"What I learned from my journey is we have to stay true to ourself, persevere and simplify the process. Self doubt doesnt go away.. but it fuels [you] to be a better version of [yourself] every step of the way." - Mariam Yeya

Nour Arida

"Show your potential as a woman, Face the unknown, Challenge the ‘new frontier’, and never ever accept to be held back in expressing yourself. Most importantly, stay true to your very own 'VISION'." - Nour Arida