5 games to buy to keep you entertained at home

Prepare to stay in, and have fun
ByTeam Ahlan!Monday , 16 March 2020
5 games to buy to keep you entertained at home

Staying in is highly recommended at the mo, but the same-old-same-old Netflix and Instagram can all get a bit tired. 

So we've found some back-to-basics fun games you can order now on Amazon to keep everyone entertained. 

1. Jenga, a classic 

Fun for everyone, this simple yet gripping game is a test of stability and steady hands. It's an oldie but a goodie.  

Get it now for AED63.70 

There's also Uno Jenga for an added challenge (AED50.99) 


2. Taboo, for the word-lovers 

Stimulate your brain with a test of vocabulary and wit, with Taboo.  

Get it now for AED68

3. Twister, to get you moving

Another classic, Twister will get you up off your butt, and bending, stretching and laughing all night. 

Get it now for AED28


4. What do you meme?

A Cards Against Humanity-style adults' game, these cards require you to caption a common meme image with funny text. Not recommended for children! 

Get it now for AED43.

5. Monopoly Game of Thrones edition 

A spin on the classic, this one is fab for all you GoT fans - and it's on special!

Get it now for AED58.