The 5-Factor Plan

17 Mar 2010

Get A-list slim in just five weeks!

Get fit fast. That’s the mantra of trainer-to-the-stars Harley Pasternak. The man responsible for some of the hottest bods in Hollywood promises to get you slim in just five weeks! With a dedicated following of famous faces including Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry and Eva Mendes (and have you seen her Calvin Klein ads?), Harley’s specially designed program helps regulate eating patterns, encourages exercise and makes dieting simple with easy-to-remember steps. Here are the five things you need to know about the
5-Factor Plan.

1. The Plan
Initially designed specifically for movie stars who need to shape up for a new role fast, the 5-Factor Plan is all about shedding kilos quick. When stars like Halle Berry and Miley Cyrus are told to drop a dress size for an upcoming movie role, there are few options that provide healthy and monitored weight loss. But with Harley’s program, you can get immediate results without risking your health and well being. Just stick with the ‘Fives’ of the diet, you’ll do just fine.

2. The Meals
Food lovers, fear not because eating is an essential part of the 5-Factor diet. Instead of cutting out meals or entire food groups, the program suggests having three main meals a day with two smaller, snack-like meals in between. The regular eating pattern ensures that you don’t get hungry through the day, and once you begin trimming down, you’ll notice your appetite getting smaller as well.

3. The Ingredients
While the plan doesn’t encourage calorie counting or cutting out food groups, it does favour controlled eating. Using just five pure ingredients per meal, the plan suggests including one lean protein (fish, chicken, or turkey), whole grain carbohydrates, fruits or vegetables, and healthy cooking fats such as olive oil. The diet also eliminates sugar because of the damaging effects they can have on the body if consumed in large amounts. Try oatmeal and fruit pancakes for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and grilled salmon with veg for dinner. Snack on yoghurt and fruit mid-morning and non-fat cheese in the evening.

4. The Workout
Like most effective diet plans, fitness is essential. The 5-Factor program involves a 25-minute workout regime made up of five parts, each five minutes long. Begin with a cardio warm up to get your heart rate going, then move on to upper body exercises designed to strengthen your arms and upper back. Next, get working on your lower body with exercises to tone your leg muscles. Finally, strengthen your core and end with another cardio workout.

5. The Cheat Days
Our favourite part of the 5-Factor Plan? The cheat days! Recognising the need for a treat every once in a while, Harley included in the plan a cheat day once every week, so you won’t feel like you’re in diet hell. He also believes this helps encourage people to stick to the diet for the long haul.

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