5 Of The Best Sports Massages in Dubai

Want to know where to take your aching limbs post workout? Read on…
5 Of The Best Sports Massages in Dubai
Muscle release treatment

What: Muscle Release Treatment

Where: Spa at the Address, Dubai Marina

Price: Dhs430

The treatment starts with a foot bath. She then massages your body using a warming ginger oil. Movements range from deep probing, to gentle circular waves, finishing with a fl uttering head massage.

The Verdict: Despite an intensive workout that morning, achy limbs were kept at bay.

Call 04 436 7777.

What: Sports Massage

Where: Chiropractic Dubai

Price: Dhs480

There are a few special aspects to this intensive massage. Firstly, it’s not for the weak of flesh! Sports masseuse Hanae is used to working on strapping young football players. Once she has manually manipulated your muscles, ice massage is employed on the really troublesome areas.

The Verdict: I was warned that I might feel some post-massage pain but to be honest I felt fantastic. The relief was practically instantaneous.

Visit www.chiropracticdubai.com.

What: Sports Massage

Where: Orthosports

Price: Dhs200

This no-frills clinic means business. After asking me a series of questions, my therapist Alma focused on my neck and shoulder area. Using arnica oil, Alma started massaging my back, neck and shoulders. There were several knotty areas that needed seeing to and she set about releasing these using a series of pulsing movements.

The Verdict: The results were miraculous. She also pointed out issues she had found and gave me exercises to help.

Visit www.orthosp.com.


What: Sports massage

Where: Up And Running

Price: Dhs300

Chandeliers hang from the ceilings, fluffy towels cover the massage table… But that’s Where the pampering ends - this is a sports clinic after all. The session begins with health questions and then she starts the massage focusing on trigger points (acupressure points without the needles). The sensations were odd, but fleeting.

The Verdict: My shoulder felt totally relaxed and surprisingly so did I.

Visit www.upandrunningdubai.com.


What: Dubai Muscle Melt

Where: The Spa, Fairmont Dubai

Price: From Dhs420 massage only, Dhs690 Body And Mind day package

This is a sports-addict’s dream package – a PT session, massage and lunch all rolled into one. The training session was as fun as it was varied, and the lactic-acid blasting massage was tougher than your regular Thai treat.

The Verdict: You’re not going to leave this massage with a sports therapist style analysis but you’ll still be walking on air.

Visit www.fairmont.com.

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