5 of the Best Fitness Classes in the UAE

05 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

Get bikini-ready for the winter sun with our pick of the top fitness classes across the UAE...

It is officially beach season which means it’s time to get fit! But working out doesn’t have to be a chore. For those who are bored spending hours running on a treadmill, try out our five top fitness classes. From yoga in the heat to boot camp on the beach, you will be sure to find a fun exercise which will work for you.


Dance has been a popular workout for decades and recently modern dance styles like street jazz and hip-hop have been on the rise. Dance can be more effective than the gym as dance gives your whole body a thorough workout, plus it is a lot more fun! Many celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger have dance to thank for their toned bodies.

INFO: For an exhilarating experience, try out Sharmila’s Dance School. Classes are a mix of Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Funk, Jazz and Lyrical Contemporary, the routine changes every 2 weeks. Classes begin with a high energy warm-up, followed by a technical section to improve technique, stretching and a dance routine. Classes cost Dhs60 and are held at the Chalhoub Studio, at the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre, Mall of the Emirates. Visit www.sharmiladance.com.

Bikram Yoga

It’s time to get your sweat on as the latest yoga obsession to sweep Hollywood has reached the UAE! Bikram Yoga, a new version of the popular exercise which takes places in a pre-heated room. With a special sequence of 26 classic Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises, the exercise warms and stretches muscles, ligaments and tendons, increasing strength and stability.

The added heat warms the muscles, making them work more deeply, plus the heat triggers sweating which helps flush toxins from the body, giving a wonderful glow from head to toe. It is no surprise Bikram yoga’s biggest celebrity fan is Jennifer Aniston!

INFO: For a challenging and exciting workout, try out Bikram Yoga at Club Stretch in Dubai where 90 minute classes cost Dhs70. Call 04 345 2131 or go online at www.clubstretch.ae.


Pilates classes combine strengthening and stretching exercises to work out all the muscles groups. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen and lengthen muscles and develop core strength, which is achieved through stressing muscles in a formulated routine.  Benefits include a more toned physique, improved balance and coordination, better posture, and an improved and relaxed mind. Madonna has been a famously dedicated Pilates fan for years, and uses the sport to maintain her washboard abs and agile body.

INFO: Try Pilates at BodyTree Studio in Abu Dhabi, which offers mat and/or equipment sessions. Call 02 667 6579 or visit www.bodytreestudio.com.


Zumba is the latest addictive dance-fitness craze to sweep the world. The idea of the work out is to party yourself into shape! Enthusiastic teachers lead classes through exhilarating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning routines to the hottest chart songs. The classes are good for an all-round work out and the cardio aspect is great for dropping weight without even realizing you are exercising.

Zumba has many celebrity fans, including Jennifer Lopez.

INFO: If you want Jennifer’s body, try out Zumba at Fitness First, where you have a choice of 18 locations across the Middle East and Zumba classes are included in membership packages. Fitness First has clubs in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. For more info, visit www.fitnessfirstme.com or call 800 3486377.

Boot Camp Fitness

Boot Camp Fitness uses a combination of cardiovascular, flexibility, resistance and agility exercises to push your body to the limit. These exercises take the form of traditional military and alternative fitness style work-outs involving sit-ups, push-ups and squats as well as various fun group challenges on the beach or in a park. Results include fat loss and cardiovascular fitness, plus mental strength and determination is improved. Rihanna owes her fit body to Cadet training which follows similar methods. Boot Camp is tough, demanding and challenging but the most effective of our top classes.

INFO: Original Fitness Co has a packed schedule of daily classes across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Classes cost Dhs100 and noticeable results are guaranteed in only a month! Visit www.originalfitnessco.com or call 04 311 6571 for more info.