5 adorable animal videos you NEED to watch!

If these don't melt your heart, you better check your pulse...
ByAhlan! Live ReporterTuesday , 04 August 2015
5 adorable animal videos you NEED to watch!
We'll have one in every colour, thanks...

If your boss is out of the office, or Facebook is boring you today, or you simply want to kill time, we've got you covered. We've selected five of our favourite animal videos for your viewing pleasure. Prepare to go "awwwwww..." 






This puppy’s sneeze is bigger than he is! Awww! Bless you! 


This St. Bernard is just one big ball of love! Watch what he does to his dad when he gets home from work. TOO.CUTE!


Baby cat that loves being tickled. We need one of these... 


Watch these three ducklings – with great determination, bravery and grit - overcome their BIGGEST obstacle – Steps. It’s okay to cry!


This cockatoo has a serious identity crisis...


Okay, get back to work now! 

Compiled by: Shreya Bhatia


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