48 Hours in Oman

Get swept away by striking nature in the magnificent Musandam Peninsula
Wednesday , 13 April 2011

For residents of the UAE, few destinations offer a luxury holiday experience quite like Zighy Bay. Just 90 minutes from central Dubai and now synonymous with the Six Senses Hideaway Zighy Bay, a stunning resort in the Musandam Peninsula, the coastal area provides the ultimate getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. So turn off your cell phones, tune into nature and indulge in absolute relaxation at one of the world’s most stunning travel spots.

Separated from the rest of Oman by the UAE, there’s something incredibly enticing about how secluded Zighy Bay is. And that becomes even more evident when you check into the luxurious Six Senses resort. Accessed three ways, by land, by water or by air (via a paraglide), the resort is the perfect blend of nature and comfort. Located in the Musandam mountains, which rise up to 2,120 metres above the coast, and surrounded by fjords (that’s where Musandam gets its nickname “The Norway of the Middle East”), it’s hard not to get swept away by the natural beauty all around.

Begin your day with breakfast at Dining on the Sand, a rustic eatery in keeping with the rocky setting. Follow that with a kayak ride through the lagoons. With countless coves and high sea rocks, the area makes for stunning photographs, but for those keen to check out what lives below the surface, be sure to try snorkelling or scuba diving as Musandam is famous for its marine life. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even get the chance to swim with dolphins, one of the area’s biggest attractions.

Back on terra firma, Zighy Bay offers plenty of activities to get you in touch with the natural surroundings. If it’s a leisurely stroll you’re after, then hit one of the scenic trails that take you around the peninsula. Or opt for a mountain bike session through the mountains to truly get your adrenaline going. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, break for lunch at Zighy Deli where you can enjoy a light meal and a dip in the pool, and some serious, uninterrupted sun soaking before dusk.

And when it comes to sunsets, Zighy Bay doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy the magnificent twilight from Drinks on the Edge, a unique setting located on a cliff overlooking the mountains. Treat yourself to sundowners and snacks before enjoying a completely tailored dining experience with a private meal at one of the secluded spots around Zighy Bay, where the chef and sommelier personally create a memorable meal just for you. Bliss!

While you're there

Cruise at Sunset Take advantage of Musandam’s romantic setting with a sunset cruise through the fjords. Enjoy canapés and bubbly as the boat meanders through the coves and lagoons while the sun sets behind the mountains.

Glide in the Sky Get an aerial view of Oman’s stunning peninsula with an exhilarating flight through the sky in a paraglide. Soar 293 metres in the air with a trained para glider as and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the land and sea.

Go Hiking Begin the walking tour of the peninsula with a stroll along the beach towards the mountains, then follow the route up the goat’s trail and into the picturesque deserted village of Miam where you can explore a once traditional Omani community.