4-year-old Abu Dhabi school girl death: Final verdict

The court has ordered the school to pay blood money following the horrific incident
ByHend FadelWednesday , 21 October 2015
4-year-old Abu Dhabi school girl death: Final verdict
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4-year-old school girl locked in bus

It was a story that shocked the nation. A four-year-old girl made headlines last year when she died from heat exhaustion after allegedly being left locked inside a school bus in scorching temperatures. Now an Abu Dhabi court has ordered the school to pay Dhs 100,000 compensation to the victim’s relatives.

It was reported that the girl boarded the bus at 6:30am and at 12:30pm her father recieved a phone call from the school informing him that his daughter had an accident. The girl was left behind in the bus and was found dead after falling asleep for several hours.

The girl’s parents were understandably in shock. Her parents told Gulf News: “How come no one checked the bus after dropping all the children at school?” He said: “She was a smart girl. She spread happiness everywhere…in our extended families, too. It is unbearable...we can’t face this…”

Both the school bus driver and attendant are facing six months in prison. The bus company owner will also be sentenced to six month, while the court annulled an earlier court ruling to shut down the school.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council has since made major changes to the school bus transport system, which include placement of cameras and sensors that can detect the presence of a child in the bus even with the engines switched off. 

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