4 women FIGHT over selfie in UAE Salon

Police had to intervene after one lady ended up with a broken thumb
Monday , 08 May 2017
4 women FIGHT over selfie in UAE Salon

Here's something you don't read every day...

Three Arab women were recently involved in an altercation with a GCC national, which resulted in the GCC national breaking her thumb!

It all started with a selfie in a salon. The three Arab women had just gotten their make up done at a salon in Sharjah, and were taking selfies when the GCC woman intervened.

Apparently, the GCC woman was sitting behind them, and was in the background of their selfies. She asked them repeatedly to stop, but they continued, leading to a scuffle.

The salon's owner was unable to resolve the dispute, and called the police, who transported the GCC woman to the hospital, reports Gulf News. Her right thumb was injured, and she suffered minor cuts and bruises on her body.

Initial investigations show the GCC woman was visible in the selfie the three Arab women had clicked.

Be careful where you take your pictures ladies, you don't want to end up in a catfight!

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