4 of the Best Celebrity Facials in the UAE

Anti-ageing, acne busting miracle treatments
BySarah Hedley Hymers
,Naomi Chadderton
Sunday , 07 February 2016
4 of the Best Celebrity Facials in the UAE
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Want the ultimate A-list treatment? Put your best face forward with the latest in tech-therapy
THE TREATMENT: Nimue Penta Salaic Peel
TIME: 45 minutes
COST: Dhs540 per session (a course of six fortnightly facials is recommended)
The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and skin analysis to see which facial peel best suits the client. While the most common type of skin is ‘environmentally damaged’, our tester was diagnosed with ‘problematic skin’ due to acne, oiliness, congestion and breakouts. This diagnosis requires one of the stronger Nimue peels called the Penta Salaic.
The peel itself is designed to work deeply to minimise scarring, balance oil flow and calm the skin. After a steam and a skin patch test the product is applied in circular motions. You’re given a fan in case it gets too hot – the mask does start to sting after a while, but it’s not unbearable and is only on for around two minutes, so hang in there! Skin is then neutralised with the Nimue Neutralizer, and further cooled with a 
cold compress. 
While the brand states results are immediate, our tester didn’t notice a change until around two days later. Skin was less red and had a light glow, and active blemishes were quickly disappearing. 
INFO: Available at Point Zero Flotation Centre, Sky Gardens Tower DIFC, 04 457 9991, pointzerofloatation.com
THE TREATMENT: AQ Growth Factor Treatment
TIME: 1 hour
COST: Dhs1,500 per treatment (four to six fortnightly sessions recommended, followed by maintenance treatments)
Stem cells have an excellent track record when it comes to repairing all manner of skin issues. Dr Heba Adballah, Senior Dermatologist, explains, “AQ Growth Factor is a type of stem cell treatment using Recovery Serum, a pharmaceutical-grade product containing the highest concentration of natural human growth factors, designed to enhance the skin’s natural regeneration by stimulating collagen production, promoting healthy circulation, and increasing cell renewal.”
To prepare the skin, topical anaesthetic is applied for 25 minutes; once it takes effect the skin is wiped clean and a thin layer of the AQ Recovery Serum is applied, then the DermalStamp is pressed across the face in a criss-cross pattern to create tiny micro channels through which the serum is absorbed. Penetrating the skin like this also activates the body’s natural healing, improving skin condition in conjunction with the formula. Then the process is repeated until the treatment is complete.
THE TREATMENT: Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT)
TIME: 1 hour-70 minutes
COST: Dhs1,200 per treatment (five sessions over three weeks recommended, followed by occasional maintenance treatments) 
The AFT laser uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy to treat sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne breakouts, hyper pigmentation, redness (rosacea) and uneven skin tone. IPL has been around a while and with each new development, the discomfort and after-effects caused by the levels of heat involved are reduced. We tried AFT and experienced no pain or post-treatment flare-ups – the only inconvenience was having to stay out of the sun completely for at least three weeks beforehand. 
At Dermalase the skin is prepped with a lovely Nimue Skin Rejuvenation facial, including cleansing, exfoliation, steam and extraction and mask application, which is included in the price. Next a cooling gel is applied, which stops the heat from the machine becoming unbearable, and then the tip of the machine (which is also cooled) is passed across the skin. A hand-held fan is also given to patients to direct cold air over the skin. 
The AFT device delivers a flash of bright light energy every couple of seconds to each square inch being treated – these blasts destruct unhealthy skin infiltrates, like bad bacteria and microorganisms and sun-damaged cells (brown spots). 
At the same time, the IPL heats the dermis to above 65 degrees Celsius, which activates the skin’s own natural production of wrinkle-filling collagen for up to 12 weeks. Combined with the facial, you get instant results – skin feels cleaner and fresher – but a full course is required for more dramatic improvements.
TIME: 1 hour
COST: Dhs1,800 per treatment (four weekly treatments, then three monthly treatments are recommended, followed by occasional maintenance treatments) 
This high-powered ongoing facial therapy is popular with the A-list because it’s quick, painless and has no downtime – plus they can afford it. It helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, and improves skin tone and texture, and can be used around the eyes and lips, too. Now as famous as some of the celebs who use it, it’s been featured on several TV shows, including The Doctors. According to dermatology specialist Dr Maria Khattar, “Anyone whose skin shows signs of ageing or has moderate sun damage is a candidate for ClearLift. The most dramatic results are seen on people who have tried non-invasive therapies and are looking for something more aggressive but without the pain and downtime.” 
For at least two weeks before and after treatments, you should avoid sunbathing. Skin is cleansed and then the 1064 Q-Switched laser is passed across the face delivering a controlled ‘dermal wound’ without harming the top layer of skin. This dermal wound is caused by heating 3mm beneath the epidermis, causing the deeper layers of skin tissue to contract and tighten and produce extra collagen to repair itself. You can’t feel the heat, and you can reapply make-up immediately afterwards. 
Results vary, but should be visible after the fourth session – skin should look tighter, fine lines and discolouring such as age spots should be reduced.


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