Get Slim Like Kim Kardashian: Three Ways to Do it Now!

Ahlan! asks the experts how the world's biggest reality star got her curves back in all the right places
BySarah Hedley HymersMonday , 28 April 2014
Kim Kardashian now
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Kim Kardashian now
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Kim Kardashian as she was

Speculation rages on over whether or not Kim Kardashian went under the knife to lose her baby weight, with some sources claiming she spent $80,000 (Dhs21,780) on nips and tucks! Most likely, she had a little help from a trusted surgeon while following a restricted meal plan and doing an awful lot of hard work with her personal trainer. We asked local experts to uncover the formula for dropping half a stone (3.2kg), the equivalent of a dress size, while maintaining the sort well-rounded shapely bottom Kim is famous for. Ultimately, there are just three ways to do this successfully – diet, exercise and surgery! Read on to discover the secrets…


Candice Howe is one of the UAE’s most prominent personal trainers, having won and placed second in the Reebok CrossFit Games in Asia for the past three years running. She runs LifeSpark Coaching, specialising in CrossFit classes and one-on-one sessions within Dubai. CrossFit combines strength development and high-intensity exercises at set durations and repetitions, similar to circuit training. Exercises range from squats and pull-ups to swinging kettle bells. As with most exercise plans, you need to work out a minimum of three times a week to see results.

INFO: LifeSpark Coaching JLT, 04 450 8234,, 

• Workouts will give you a tighter body by toning your muscles, boosting your butt.
• Exercise boosts metabolism so you’ll burn calories more quickly than before.
• Exercise is not just about achieving the optimum healthy weight and tone – it improves all aspects of health, so you’ll notice things like clearer skin.
• It also releases feel-good endorphins, boosting your mood and making you happier and more energetic.
• Exercising with a trainer (if you can afford it) or at classes like LifeSpark’s can help motivate you and guide you on how to really make the most of your workouts.

Motivation can be a major obstacle in actually getting to the gym, and if you can’t commit to a regular plan of action you won’t see results. Also, if you’re working out hard enough to drop a dress size, you can expect some muscle ache in the following days. All for a good cause though, right?

To drop a dress size, allow six to eight weeks, working out at least three times a week. 

TOTAL COST: Dhs1,800
At a rate of Dhs900 per month (for two months) with unlimited membership and classes at LifeSpark. Non-members can take the first class for free, after which drop-in classes cost Dhs100 each.


Chirine Watfa


Nutritionist Chirine Watfa works as a consultant for Health Factory, a meal delivery service offering calorie-counted meals direct to your door. “We offer plans from 1,100 calories per day up, from tailored pregnancy packages to diabetic diets. Dishes include cheese manakish for breakfast, seafood paella for lunch and stuffed chicken breast with rosemary for dinner, and even cherry cheese cake for a midday snack, so you never feel deprived. You can expect to lose about 4kg [8.8lb] per month if you stick to the diet and exercise for a minimum of 45 minutes three times a week.” 

INFO: The Health Factory, Dubai, 04 347 3808,,


• You’ll get a body analysis showing your fat-to-muscle ratio, exact weight and the correct number of calories you should consume to drop excess pounds.
• You don’t have to spend any time in the kitchen (other than hitting a few buttons on a microwave), and the time normally spent on shopping and cooking can be spent in the gym – no excuses now!
• You never have to think about what to eat or whether you’re eating the right thing.
• Most of us eat more than we need; having someone else control portion sizes helps you get used to eating the right amount. 


Not all of the dishes (such as the cheese and spinach breakfast flan) suit being reheated in a microwave, and occasionally raw ingredients, like fruit salads, were either not as ripe or as fresh as they could be. But Ahlan!’s reviewer felt the programme represented good value, and the only real drawback was the abundance of iceberg lettuce that repeatedly formed the bulk of salad-based side dishes. Steamed veg was requested instead and sent, despite not being on the menu. The toughest part was trying to do the three workouts a week required for max results. 


Ahlan!’s reviewer lost 7.5lb (which equates to about a dress size) over eight weeks, exercising an average of just twice a week. So, allow eight weeks of dieting for every dress size you want to drop.

TOTAL COST: Dhs5,900
At a cost of Dhs2,950 for every four weeks for three meals and two snacks every day except Fridays when the Health Factory is closed. Price includes delivery.



Dr Toledo

Dr Luiz Toledo is one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons. For small, stubborn areas of fat he recommends ‘smart lipo’ or ‘liposculpture’ as opposed to full liposuction. “Precision lipo is a term that I coined in 1998 to define a type of liposculpture with a syringe, when small quantities of fat can be aspirated and, if necessary, reinjected to enhance shape. I only use smart lipo and liposculpture for small areas, such as arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, back and buttocks.” INFO: Dr Toledo, Plastic Surgery Department, Medical Arts Clinic, Dubai, 055 702 2780.

• Smart lipo can remove stubborn fat pockets that diet and exercise alone don’t seem able to shift.
• Fat can be reinjected to enhance or even create curves like Kim’s shapely bottom.
• Procedures only take around two hours and can have almost immediate results.
• These types of procedures don’t require general anaesthesia like full liposuction does, making them a safer option. 

Before & After


Risks are proportional to the number of areas treated and volume of fat removed (and, where required, reinjected). Significant complications are few, but potential complications are asymmetry, rippling and pigmentation of the skin, bleeding, infection, temporary numbness of the skin and haematomas (blood accumulations). Irregularities of the skin can occur, but can be treated. More serious complications involve loss of fluid that can provoke shock, although this reaction is now extremely rare.

Allow six to 12 months to see the final results, depending on the procedure.  Swelling, soreness and bruising usually remains for around three weeks, during which time special support garments must be worn 24 hours a day. 

TOTAL COST: Dhs15,000

Cost is per area for precision lipo. No additional treatments are required.

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