3 of the Best...UAE's Desserts

Doughnuts, eclairs and portable molten cakes makes us a dessert nation!
ByJasmine BandaliThursday , 11 September 2014
3 of the Best...UAE's Desserts
A hole lot of fun!

1. Love Doughnuts, Love the Packaging! 
Whether you’re after plain-glazed, gelato-filled or a gourmet version such as the cheesecake wasabi variety, these doughnuts take the cake with their packaging, served in individual round boxes that can be piled up in a tower for extra wow factor. 

INFO: 7am-12midnight daily, shop 10, Guardian Towers, Muroor, Abu Dhabi, 02 446 6240, info@lovedoughnuts.com

2. Eclectic Éclairs in JLT
Dedicated to the much-loved French pastry, Éclair, La Petite Duchesse is the newest haunt in JLT and offers a wide variety of flavours, from chocolate to salted caramel and even rose and pistachio!

INFO: 9am-7pm daily, Lake Shore Tower Shop, B08, Cluster Y, JLT, Dubai, 04 427 9901, www.eclair.ae

3. Molten Me Melts Hearts
Chocolate molten cake is always a winner, but with flavours like peanut butter, marshmallow and red velvet, served in individual glass jars, this is a decadent treat that you can call upon whenever you feel like a restaurant-quality sweet. 

INFO: 10am-10pm daily, Darwish Tower, Danet Abu Dhabi, 02 443 5542

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