3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight this Summer

3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight this Summer

26 Jul 2016

Time to achieve that bikini beach body ladies!

Oh summer! It’s our favourite time of the year and we just love being on the beach, getting that perfect glowing tan while having a drink or two with our girlfriends – yes we’re craving for spending days like that, but what we want the most this time of year is to look fabulous!

We all ate a little bit too much during the holiday seasons and we didn't find the time to lose these extras kilos… until now! Here are three simple tips that will make you look like a Victoria’s Secret angel on the beach:

1. Hit it with exercise: Walk, run, swim or gym; get your heart pumping and burn more calories. Try the Freestyle Group Training class at Fitness First – with a mix of HIIT (high intensity interval training), cardio and dynamic movement training, you’ll be sure to boost your weight loss and feel much stronger and leaner.

2. Check the calories: To lose weight it’s important you start by being careful on what you eat. Simply let go off the excess calories and reduce the intake of rich and sugary foods.

3. Control your portion: It’s really important you control how you eat with portioned meals. Not only you’ll eat less calories but you’ll also balance your metabolism in order to lose those extra kilos.

INFO: Check out the classes on fitnessfirstme.com 

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