2018 UAE public holidays announced

2018 UAE public holidays announced

04 Jan 2018

Will there be more long weekends?

Nothing makes us happier than the prospect of a mid-week break or even better, a long weekend!

A full list of this year's public holidays has just been released, and while some dates may change, we now have an idea about when to plan our next getaways!

The exact dates of Islamic celebrations vary every year, depending on local sightings of the moon, so some dates are subject to change.

This year's public holidays are as follows, reports Time Out Dubai:

  • Israa and Miaraj Night* - Friday 13 April
  • Ramadan expected to begin* - Wednesday 16 May
  • Eid Al-Fitr* – Thursday 14 June
  • Arafat Day* – Monday 20 August
  • Eid Al-Adha* – Tuesday 21 August
  • Hijiri New Year’s Day* – Tuesday 11 September
  • Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) Birthday* - Monday 19 November 
  • Martyr’s Day – Friday 30 November
  • UAE National Day – Sunday 2 December

* These holidays are subject to change based on moon sightings.

So, will this put a positive spin on your 2018 holiday calendar?